What Nourishes You?

When we flood our body with nourishment through REAL food, joyful movement, and nervous system support, magical transformation and healing takes place. When we take the time to discover what nourishes us, we learn to listen and connect deeply with our own body and intuitions. We live more vibrantly, more fully, and more at ease.

What is Nutritional Therapy?


About Me

My Tenets

For Health


You deserve to feel good and at home in your own body.


Inviting in joy through nourishing foods, rest, mindful movement and stress management.


Bringing harmony and balance back into the body. Optimal well-being.


Deep listening of your body’s innate wisdom and through that empowerment of your own health.

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“I am here thanks to many meals eaten by many people… People and their accomplishments are made of food, and food is born of the soil. Earth is our Mother.”


– Eliot Cowan Plant Spirit Medicine