Hey, I’m Amelia.

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, yoga instructor, cat mom, inspiring gardener and adventure seeker. You can often find me escaping to the mountains, or to far-away lands to discover and connect with new cultures.

For years I was riding that hustle train hard, pushing myself in an effort to prove my worth. All actions that had consequences to my body and overall health (IBS, auto-immunity, gallbladder disease). A shift in 2020 allowed me to pause and reconnect with my body. Through my yoga teacher training, I realized how empowering rest, nourishment and slowing down can be – and that it is our divine birth right to do so. Wanting to explore and cultivate a deeper relationship to the Earth led me to courses in nutrition and herbal practices. When we take the time to nourish ourselves through REAL food and movement, we become more present. We offer more gratitude, find more joy, and live more fully.

This power is within us all – and I’d love to help you remember and rediscover this power within yourself. Let’s connect!

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“I am here thanks to many meals eaten by many people… People and their accomplishments are made of food, and food is born of the soil. Earth is our Mother.”


– Eliot Cowan Plant Spirit Medicine