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Ways to Work Together

My 1:1 Nutritional Therapy packages are created and customized to serve YOU as the beautifully unique individual you are, wherever you may be on your health and healing journey. Together we’ll get curious and explore the root causes of your symptoms and design a support plan to reach your goals. Encouraging balance within all areas of life and allowing you to thrive. You deserve to feel nourished and at home in your own body.

1:1 Nutritional Therapy

A holistic approach to uncover the root cause of pesky symptoms and gently guide the body back into an optimal state of well-being while focusing on nutrient-dense foods, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid intake, mineral balance and hydration.

Mindful Movement

Movement is a lifestyle element that is weaved into the fabric of your wellness journey. Through restorative practices such as yoga and mindfulness we can nourish our nervous system and allow for deeper healing of our body, mind and spirit. 



Individual Sessions

Ex. Visual of your health showing progress made during your nutritional therapy journey (Orange = start / dysfunction. Blue = finish / optimal function!) ** Your bio-individual results will vary

Initial Assessment

 Investment $222

*Serves as the prerequisite for all monthly packages* Scroll down for monthly package pricing and details.

90 minute virtual call to hear your story, discuss findings, define your health goals and concerns, and determine the best plan of action to help you obtain them.


Prior to this call, you’ll complete the following forms to help me better understand your journey:

  • initial interview questionnaire: an overview of your health goals/concerns, general health/medical history, lifestyle stressors, sleep quality, movement, and more
  • nutritional assessment questionnaire [aka the NAQ]: a 320-question comprehensive symptom analysis which provides insight into areas of dysfunction, deficiency and imbalances within the body (pictured here to the left)
  • 3-5 day completed food & mood journal: what, when & how we eat directly affects how we feel. Being able to analyze your unique style of eating is crucial to my recommendations process. Making connections and looking for patterns based on the timing of your meals, possible digestive reactions, your energy levels, your movement, and yes even your POOP!
  • action plan: personalized protocol of nutrition, lifestyle (including restorative movement & deep nervous system support), and supplement recommendations. Co-created with you based on your goals and individual needs.  

What’s Next?

Depending on the level of healing your body requires, we’ll spend 3 or 6 months* uncovering the root cause of your symptoms and designing a support plan to guide you to a space where you can thrive. There is a deep connection between the mind and the gut, so we’ll be focusing a lot of efforts here. Supporting your nervous system as a foundation. True healing takes time and commitment. It’s about unlearning, relearning, and discovering a new relationship to yourself along the way. I ask for an open mind & heart during our journey of nourishment together. Are you ready to invest in your health?

*Our length of time together is determined by what we uncover in the Initial Assessment and will be discussed at that time.

3 Month Package

Health Investment: $450

We’ll tackle your symptoms with 3 months of targeted healing support. Using a bio-individual approach to food as medicine, gentle lifestyle adjustments and some supplementation. This program will also up your nutritional knowledge & begin to reconnect you to your own innate body wisdom.


  • two 30 min catch up calls per month (up to 6 calls total) to re-access, address concerns and update protocol
  • educational guides focused on the foundations of health, recipes, tips & tricks, shopping lists, etc. to empower you on your healing journey
  • personalized recommendations such as dietary adjustments, incorporation of therapeutic grade supplements, herbal remedies, stress and mindfulness strategies, hormonal support, reducing/removing toxic exposures, product recommendations
  • NAQ & Food and Mood Journal reassessments to track progress & symptom burden as time progresses
  • access to my therapeutic, professional- grade supplements at a 10% discount
  • support & encouragement for sustainable change

      6 Month Package

      Health Investment: $850

      Designed for those that require a bit more time to unearth more complex health concerns and are committed to long-term, sustainable change. Here you’ll receive all of the benefits of the three-month plans, plus:


      • two 30 min catch up calls per month to review, address concerns and update protocol
      • monthly NAQ & Food and Mood Journal reassessments to track progress & assist in continued bio-individual protocol
      • final bio-individual recommendations you can continue to implement after our time together. To be discussed on the last Check-In Call.

      Book a Discovery Call

      Feel like we may be a great fit? Book a FREE 20-minute discovery call with me to learn more about Nutritional Therapy.

      “I am here thanks to many meals eaten by many people… People and their accomplishments are made of food, and food is born of the soil. Earth is our mother.”

      – Eliot Cowan Plant Spirit Medicine